Our Service Offer

The objective of our ongoing service is to:

  • Provide appropriate advice as your circumstances change
  • Keep you informed
  • Establish a partnership
  • Provide a feeling of comfort

Through education, appropriate advice and partnership, our ongoing advice keeps you on track. We are proactive and will continually look at ways of making the most of your current financial situation.

Our services include:

  • Quarterly, Half yearly or Yearly reviews of current portfolio
  • Review of goals and objectives
  • Identification of changes to personal circumstances
  • Children’s education funding requirements
  • Review of existing investments and insurance
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Centrelink strategies
  • Capital protection
  • Investment structures
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Budgeting strategies
  • Review of objectives to keep on track
  • Debt management strategies
  • Targets for retirement
  • Retirement analysis
  • Retirement planning
  • Review of objectives to keep on track
  • Borrowing to invest strategies

Other services:

  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Regular email newsletter
  • Invitation to an annual function
  • Special event/legislation change notification behalf
  • If appropriate liaise with Centrelink on your
  • Liaise with other professionals on your behalf
  • Regular market and economic updates sent electronically