SCAMS at tax time

Thanks to Kevin for sending this fraudulent email to us and reminding us all to be on the lookout for scams.

This is particularly important given tax time is just around the corner, and tax fraud attempts will increase 10 fold.  Also remember, the ATO created a completely new website a few years ago.  Within 2 hours of launching it, they found a fraudulent replica on the internet, a complete and perfect copy, just the data links to log in, or to provide your details were new and of course provided the fraudsters with your information.

The below email is the kind of thing that fraudsters are attempting to do, although this one is particularly poorly written, with the $ sign behind the numbers, and a financial year ending 21 June are some obvious signs to look out for.

The main thing to remember is that no legitimate organisation, government, bank, insurance company, superannuation or anyone else will ever ask you to provide identification verification or log on details through a link in their email.  If you ever receive an email that you are not expecting, treat it with suspicion and verify it by alternative means.

In this example, a simple phone call to the tax office or your accountant could confirm:

a) if you were actually entitled to a refund and

b) if you need to do anything.


Malcolm Godfrey
(Pilot Wealth)


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